Getting Stuck

How do we respond?

When betrayal occurs, we have a right to feel however we do—including anger. An injustice has happened, turning our world upside-down. 

Our right to our feelings is important, but so is our response. Although we may feel indescribable anger, throwing plates or slashing tires is not the way to express it.

It is still our responsibility to own our actions in response to what we feel. It’s ok to say, “I’m not sure how I feel about this right now.” if you feel confusion. Leave the room, get alone to sort it out. 

Try grounding techniques—deep breathing or using your five senses. Cry or lament before the Lord—journal about your thoughts and feelings as a form of release. 

Rest assured, God is more than able to handle ALL our emotions—even when anger is directed at Him. He can handle it—Jesus understands (He experienced betrayal also) and He WANTS us to come to Him. 

Burying or ignoring our feelings doesn’t make them go away. They resurface until we deal with them. But we must remember to run TO Jesus—NOT AWAY. The pain may be great, but Jesus is greater. 

Claim your inheritance and identity in Christ. You are not what has been done to you, but WHO you are in Christ. You never have to walk this road alone. 

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