When is Enough, ENOUGH?

Photo courtesy of Mads Severinsen, unsplash

Decades ago, persevering through verbal abuse (of a now ex-relative), the straw that “broke the camels back” as they say, happened—and even after all this time, it still recently came to mind.

After being mentioned—out loud and in front of others—that I must have a bad case of PMS (because I wasn’t laughing at his distasteful comments) my snarky response came surprisingly quick.

“If PMS stands for Putting up with Men’s sh__enanigans, you are correct,” I said. “I seem to have to do a lot of that, lately.”

Are there people who demean, belittle, and disrespect you, who should be loving and kind? What do YOU do? Do you hold your tongue? How long do you put up with their (what I said before)? 😳

God never intends for us to tolerate verbal (or any other) abuse. He knows and sees this mistreatment. God is for us and one day every wrong will be made right. His justice WILL prevail. The abuse we endure does not go unnoticed.


  1. Well said, Deborah. When I saw the picture of the camel, my first thought was the illustration of the camel putting it’s nose in the tent and being ignored. Then little by little sticking it’s whole head, head and neck, being ignored, and next thing you know, you’re sharing your tent with a whole camel, and by then you can’t get rid of it

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