Knock Knock…

I met my new friend for bagels after church on Sunday. We have lots in common, including our love for toasted sesame seeds and honey-walnut cream cheese!

Our conversations always lead to great discussions about faith and life. This time we pondered a question proposed in the message by our pastor.

“Do you really believe, in your core, that God loves you?”

We see the words GOD LOVES YOU everywhere, don’t we? Yet deep down, we often struggle believing this fundamental truth.

I know there was a time I struggled to believe it. My logical side kept telling me if my own husband no longer loved me, then it was probable God didn’t either.

Broken promises. Words without meaning. Deception and more lies. It was easier to convince myself I was not lovable than to pursue God’s truths and try to believe them.

I’ve learned I cannot compare human love to God’s love. God’s love is always steadfast, selfless, and unconditional.

God pursued me, even when I wasn’t faithful to Him. He loved me first. He is for us! He loves us too much to let us wallow in pity or subscribe to the enemy’s lies.

We have a choice. Is it time to open the door? Jesus keeps knocking until we do. Why keep Him waiting?

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