In the Hard Stuff

Photo courtesy of Aaron Burden, unsplash

I loved the truth I heard while viewing a video of Tony Evans and his family.

“Don’t let hard stuff deter you from God’s Word and proclaiming it. Hold on to God’s truth in spite of circumstances. Tether yourself to God’s word. Memorize it, quote it, tell about it. Call on the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to make it through tough times. Ask Him to encourage you by the Word, ignite you by his truth, settle your fears. Your circumstances may not change, but you will, and you will be managing what used to manage you.”

Human love, compared to God’s love, will always fall short. God’s love extends far beyond human understanding. He loves us at our worst and he loved us first.

In fact, He loved us enough to sacrifice himself by a cruel death on a cross so we could live eternally with him, instead of getting what we truly deserve for our sins—condemnation and death.

Can anyone deny He is worthy?

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