In His Grace

Photo courtesy of Angelia Triplett

Hi! I’m Debra, your guide and battle buddy as you traverse through the pages of my new book, In His Grace, Embracing Your Worth After Sexual Betrayal. Ready for a journey? 

Join me on the path of healing, a place for joy even amidst the pain of betrayal trauma. I’ll share stories in each section and tell you all about what I did to help me heal. 

I didn’t make progress (or continue to heal) on my own. I realized I needed a supportive community and counselors who understand from a trauma-informed approach. 

Most importantly, I learned Jesus is the ultimate healer. When we seek him wholeheartedly through His Word, He promises strength, dignity, and a future with hope and laughter. 

Ready? Set. Let’s go!

In His Grace, Embracing Your Worth After Sexual Betrayal is available on Amazon! Click HERE.


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