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“In His Grace: Embracing Your Worth After Sexual Betrayal” has been released!

I’ve written this 10 chapter book letting you know what helped me heal after my husband’s same-sex betrayal, and how you can heal and embrace your worth after experiencing your own betrayal. 

In His Grace benefits anyone experiencing trauma from betrayal or struggling with their sense of value or identity in Christ, but it is also written for the friend, sister, or coworker who knows someone experiencing betrayal, helping them to better support and empathize. 

Clergy and counselors also benefit. Although they may counsel with a trauma informed approach, if they haven’t been in the same shoes as their client, they will better understand how to validate and encourage a betrayed woman as she processes her pain and confusion. 

Each chapter provides practical Christ-centered guidance for healing and hope. 

Whether or not a marriage survives, one can experience healing, joy, and abundant life, again. 

If this subject pertains to you, or you know someone who could benefit, please purchase a copy (available now at Search In His Grace, Debra Wallace—and let the scriptures and lessons learned be a soothing balm for a weary heart. 

Blessings on your journey—thank you for reading!


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