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Photo courtesy of Ranurte, unsplash

One Sunday my pastor talked about a life filled with the Holy Spirit, love, surrender, and joy.

I appreciated what he said about Christ likeness: It is a matter of source, not force.

We can’t force spiritual fruit, it is a matter of yielding to the Spirit.

It is a life filled with love—following the example of Christ. A life filled with surrender…

it starts with daily surrender. (I can’t fix me, but you can, Lord!)

A life filled with joy… making music, praise and worship—gives us joy!

And now, some food for thought—

What will our life song be? The song that I was created for? How would my lifestyle be different if I called on the Holy Spirit? How will I share the Master Composer’s song with others?

2 comments on “Life Song

  1. Back in the 80’s/early 90’s – my songwriting days, I wrote a song entitled “Make My Life a Song of Praise.” ❤

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    1. Sounds beautiful!


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