A Thank You Blessing

In a betrayal trauma group I facilitate, we talked about “thank you prayers”—called blessings in the Jewish culture (because they begin with “Blessed are you…”). One such blessing is called shechechianu.

“Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who has kept us alive and preserved us and enabled us to reach this season.”

I found it applicable for the group. The ladies have all been through a lot—refined by fire—and are still standing. It’s reason to celebrate!

It’s important to take a look at where we are now, to see how far we’ve come—(and experienced healing), and to look back where we were last fall when we started group. It’s good to give God honor for His faithfulness in each of our lives.

Where are you at today? Can you name ways God has been faithful? What has He brought you through and how has He enabled you to reach this season?

Take a moment to thank him.

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