Faith Over Fear

Ever have a phrase that keeps popping up so often you begin to wonder if God is trying to tell you something? Speaking directly to you?

Recently the words, “faith over fear” seem to appear in everything I’m reading. So I adopted them as a mantra for every time my mind starts going down the “what if” road.

Truth is, fear is not my friend. It’s way past time to let go of a relationship I never wanted in the first place. Just because the enemy extends an invitation to choose worry doesn’t mean we have to, right?

Instead, couldn’t we say, “I’m choosing to trust God in this situation”, and let Him determine the outcome rather than keep fretting about it?

We know worrying doesn’t add anything to our lives. Rather it depletes us of abundant life!

Next time you’re caught off guard and find yourself fearful, remind yourself to put faith over fear. Then walk in confidence God has you in His capable hands.

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