Cling to Jesus

Photo courtesy of Simon Berger, unsplash

Heard the expression “holding on for dear life”?

I envision someone on a roller coaster while being tossed about or a rock climber with no handholds in sight.

But what does it mean to cling to Jesus?

Clinging to Jesus is a refusal to depart from Him. An acknowledgement we are worthless and nothing without Him.

Sin is what we do when we are not satisfied in God. We cling to anything but Jesus. We think we need a substitution, but we flop around like a fish out of water because we are simply out of our element without Jesus.

Only when we stop being obsessed with ourself, clinging to sin, can God do a work in us. We are freed from the need to have something other than Him.

Dear God,

May we live by the empowerment that comes through adoration of you, and may we cling to you for dear life.


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