Photo courtesy of Suzanne D. Williams, unsplash

When Christian women first find out about infidelity, it is normal for them to experience a crisis of faith. It is common to question God and to wonder why He’d allow something so devastating to happen. 

We know from Hebrews 12 that God disciplines those He loves, but we still may wonder what God is up to and why we have to go through fire to become purified and more like Jesus. Surely there is a trial a bit less painful, right?

Sometimes as we question God, we allow a root of bitterness to develop. Our anger and resentment makes us feel defeated and we lose our hope. 

Could I encourage you to draw near to God, rather than push Him away? We may not understand the reasons for betrayal, but we must cling to truth from God’s Word. 

What we know is God is with us. We can choose to dwell with him. The season we are in is temporary and doesn’t compare with the future glory God promises. Jesus prunes us to be more like himself and as metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly takes time, so does transformation. 

His timing is always perfect.

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