Where Does Your Identity Come From?

I’m the goofy chubby child on the right. All dressed up in Dutch attire for the annual Tulip Festival in my hometown. A lot of my identity comes from my Dutch heritage, but even more importantly is my identity found in Christ.

Healing from betrayal trauma is ongoing, and after riding the roller coaster of hope and despair for many years, I’m certain I read nearly every book on betrayal. Some helpful, others not so much, but I was desperate to find someone who had survived and made it through to the other side, finding joy again.

As I pursue healing, what stands out high above any book, podcast, APSATS advice, or betrayal trauma guru knowledge, is knowing my identity in Christ.

If I were allowed to give only one nugget of wisdom, just one tidbit of truth, that helped me the most it would be this:

Once I believed who God says He is and who He says I am, I changed. My future and your’s hinges on this truth, and our grasp on who we are determines our healing progress. We have hope, regardless of our circumstances.

The list is long for children of God—It definitely exceeds space provided for an instagram or Facebook post!

We are:

*members of his body, saints, holy and chosen by God, set apart and children of light.

*joint heirs with Christ, united to the Lord in one spirit. We share in His heavenly calling, blameless and above reproach. We are salt of the earth and lights of the world.

*tenderly yet fiercely loved, a sweet aroma, pleasing to God. He delights and sings over us.

*completely forgiven, victorious and new creations in Christ. We have access to God’s wisdom, His Spirit indwells us.

*reconciled, redeemed, and justified. We have peace with God and are His righteousness because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

This list only skims the surface of who God says we are. There’s so much more to our identity in Christ. Dig deeper into God’s Word and see for yourself!


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