Tired of Hide & Seek?

My kitty has several different names. She started out as Pixiedust, but gets called Fluffycat, Spaz, and Wild Thing. I could add Guilty Cat to the list (by the way she looks at me when I need to go searching for a coughed-up hairball—Eeeww!)

She lives up to her names—especially this morning—when Mr. Taco man, a catnip toy, went sailing through the air like a football and landed on top of a table. And on travel days when it’s time to leave? I search the house and can never find her.

She reminds me that people can have cat-like personalities, too. We dart here and there, hiding, not wanting to get caught in disobedience. Didn’t Jonah do that, too?

We often prefer being in darkness. We stay in the shadows, stealth mode, then suddenly appear only when we want something from our Master.

Anybody tired of playing this hide and seek game? Sometimes we need to just chill, come before our Creator and expose our sin—even though He’s well aware of our misdeeds, anyway.

Confession brings peace, reconciliation, and transformation. Jesus is waiting for us to come to Him—always ready to forgive.

Now, to convince guilty cat…

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