Counting Blessings

Photo courtesy of Klemen Vrankar, unsplash

I love to find wide open spaces, far away from city lights, to stargaze. Truly, there are way too many stars to count! In New Mexico, on a clear night, I’ve described it as a blanket, reaching from one horizon to the other.

One night God took Abram outside and told him to look up and count the stars, and then said, “So shall your offspring be.” (See Genesis 15:3-6)

Wow! Don’t you know a statement like this blew Abram away! Every star represented a person, a blessing—and they were too many to count. Yet, He believed God’s word in faith.

Next time you have opportunity to check out the night sky, be reminded how wrong it would be to doubt God. His care for us, even through betrayal or no matter what we’re going through, is unfathomable.

Stars remind us and are a witness of God’s faithfulness and blessings—the number far exceeds what we can count.

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