Are You a Planner?

Photo courtesy of Jess Bailey, unsplash

Are you the master of your life? Creator of your destiny? Do you plan out your life in advance, thinking about how you want things to go?⁣

I’m a planner and I love to look ahead and fill out all the little boxes on a calendar—even months in advance. ⁣

For those who are planners, the bubble soon bursts when we realize what little say we actually have in how our lives take shape! ⁣

With all the careful planning we do, it doesn’t take long to soon see we aren’t able to carry out everything we had planned or hoped for. ⁣

God has His own unique plans for us, and even though they may contain adversity, what we need to keep in mind is that God is good and his plans for us are ultimately for our good. ⁣

He takes his children, tainted with sin, apart from Him, and draws us to Himself to be used for His purposes, set aside for His glory and honor. ⁣

Instead of disappointment when things aren’t going according to plan, rest in the fact God knows what He’s doing. ⁣

Realizing He knows our first and last breath, and everything in between, we can have peace to know the cleansing, refining, and sanctifying is all a part of His glorious plan for each of us. ⁣

Our faith is strengthened each time we exchange our plans for His. We can confidently say, “Your will be done, not mine,” as we trustingly place our plans at His feet. ⁣

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