Parents Love Unconditionally

My Dad

When you were growing up, did you need to earn your parent’s love or did they love you no matter what?

Did performance matter? Were your parents controlling? Did they make sure you/they did everything possible for you to get into the best university? Highschool? Nursery school?

What was it like for you? Constant pressure to be good? Act a certain way, meeting their expectations—or else?

One Father’s Day, the speaker at my church mentioned 6 things good fathers do.

Good fathers affirm their children.

Good fathers are physically present.

Good fathers are emotionally available.

Good fathers are spiritually involved.

Good fathers reach out to the fatherless.

Good fathers love and pursue the prodigal child.

I’m grateful I had a dad who met each of these qualifications. There were no strings attached. No conditions I had to first meet in order to be worthy of his love.

Sadly, not all dads are like mine, and many women experiencing betrayal know full well they are often left picking up missing pieces after being abandoned. It’s hard work—and there are some areas that can never be filled by anyone but a father.

If this is you, trying to fill the shoes you weren’t meant to fill, give yourself grace. It takes courage to trust God to take care of the vacant spaces, but He is more than sufficient to fill every gap as your children’s Heavenly Father. As Provider and Protector, he has never taken His eye off them—or you. 💗

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