I introduced my daughter to overnight backpacking. What an adventure! Shortly after arriving at our mountaintop destination and getting our tent set up, it started to rain. 

We made a dash for cover, just in time before the hail pelted down! Whew! 

Realizing the tarp on top of our tent was missing two clear plastic ovals (the ones needed to cover the windows), we needed fast action! 

Using our first aid provisions (Band-Aids cut in half) to hold the plastic in place and cover the holes, we were able to keep the storm out- not in. 

Perfect. We’d stay dry (and we did) until THE WIND! It felt like a tornado was upon us! At 11,454 feet, logically it wouldn’t make sense, but if we weren’t inside the tent holding it down with our bodies, it could have easily blown into the lake! 

Our impromptu windows had blown away. We were going to get wet. Now what? 

Once the wind calmed down, I had a choice: Do I stay warm in my toasty cocoon sleeping bag and hope the storm passes over, or do I go out in the freezing cold, attempting further repairs, just in case there are more storms coming? 

I lay there a while, debating the issue at hand. I needed to make a choice.

Sometimes we have life choices we need to make in order to repair heart damage, too. We could neglect the hard work (recovery or counseling necessary for healing) and just hope the factors causing the damage go away on their own. 

Or, we could do the work required to repair the soul damage and find the healing we need. (More than just a temporary Band-Aid!)

We always have the choice to choose healing- or not. What will your choice be?

San Leonardo Lake

(By the way, I did get up and fix the tent.)

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