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Even though I was having a crisis of faith, I couldn’t admit to it. 

Feeling guilty about questioning a God who is faithful and true? This can’t be good, right? Surely, I should know better! Surely, I should not be having doubts about God!

When betrayal happens, studies show the majority of us have a crisis of faith where we are left questioning, “Why me God? Why did you allow this to happen?”

If you fall into this category of questioning why, know that you are not alone. Even the strongest among us are left wondering. 

What we often assume is, if our own husband no longer loves us, then God doesn’t either- or he wouldn’t have abandoned us like this.”

Friend, it’s OK if this is your mindset. You need not feel guilty or ashamed when you think this way. When we experience a trauma, such as betrayal, the shock puts us into a state of confusion where nothing makes sense. 

The devastation of believing someone so close to us has left us for another is soul crushing. We think nothing will ever be the same, and we will I never have joy again. 

Will you allow me to come alongside you as your battle buddy to help you put the pieces back together? I’ll show you there is hope and healing available. I’ll show you how to overcome shame and secrecy so even if your husband came out of the closet? You do not need to go in to hide or isolate yourself. 

It may not be quick or easy, but I’ll be right here, holding your hand, offering guidance and encouragement to help you move forward. Even though finding joy may be far from your mind, it is available when we choose it. Let’s take this journey together. I’ll help you on the way.

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