Grip of Shame

I took a sip of coffee, but couldn’t swallow it. Suddenly choked up by the thought of bringing shame to my parents.

Neither one knew of my marital issues and I couldn’t bring myself to tell them, not wanting additional heartache or worry to fill their remaining years. 

When they passed away in 2019, I felt an odd sense of relief- only because they’d never have to know. 

It’s so strange how shame imprisons us. It’s a heavy burden- one that Jesus says, “Bring it to me.”

When I received an email from my uncle saying he was proud of me, knowing my family is supportive was exactly the push I needed to keep moving forward.

As my two Hopewriter friends ( Rachael @rachaelstgermain and Katie @katie_kibbe) say, “Let’s kick shame to the curb.” Absolutely! Let’s heal from shame, together!


  1. Debra,

    I’m glad you’re speaking out about this topic and fighting the shame that probably still threatens to go with it. You will be an encouragement to other women going through the same thing. Keep kicking shame to the curb! Good job! ~Robyn

    1. Thank you for reading, Robyn. I call it the grip of shame because it keeps showing up in different ways and each time we need to deal with it! I appreciate your encouragement.

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