Is There Life After Guido?

Once upon a time I worked for a small animal vet. One “small animal” patient happened to include Guido, a 180 pound Commodore/Great Pyrenees cross. 

My one and only encounter with Guido did not end well. Although he was tied to a wall so I could administer some ointment to his hotspot, his strength and determination to pull the bolt out of the wall freed him to take a chomp at my face!

Guido succeeded. Although I didn’t feel any pain, the gushing blood convinced me something was amiss. In that brief moment, what I wanted most, was someone to assure me I WOULD BE OK.

When I asked my co-workers, I’m certain they’re frightful stares scared ME more than my face scared THEM. 

(Let’s just say my nose did not look like a nose, and leave it at that.) 😂 Fifty + stitches later, I was put back together!

When women go through trauma, most often what we need to hear is that we’re going to be OK. We need someone who’s been there before—to assure us it won’t be like this forever—that we WILL get through this. 

May I be one to say it’s true. It does get better. It’s not always an easy road to travel, but one where healing can happen in community. 

TIME doesn’t necessarily heal us, but GOD does. When we allow him, He shows us our true worth. God never leaves nor forsakes, and He’s the primary, true source of hope and healing. 

It won’t be this way forever. Life gets better. There was life after Guido and there is life after betrayal. Abundant life! I’m living proof and I want to help you know your worth, and experience it, too. 


  1. Yes, GOD is the One who heals, but He so often does it through people. As you say, when we’ve been through an unpleasant (or agonizing) experience, we are uniquely qualified to give comfort and hope to someone going through the same thing. I’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of that kind of comfort, and God definitely works through caring (and experienced) people.

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