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One betrayed woman described her feelings like this: 

“My husband and his lover are laughing and driving the car away while I’m being dragged behind by a rope.”

Sounds like an accurate description. You know if you’ve been there.

If anyone tells you you’re at fault, YOU ARE NOT THE CAUSE.  

We don’t LIKE being victims, but we ARE. However, there is hope after trauma. Certified counselors and experienced women can come alongside to help heal the bumps, bruises, and deep wounds of your heart. They point you to Jesus, the ultimate healer, who sees and knows you. And best of all, He’s trustworthy. 

Don’t let your hurts keep festering. A soothing balm awaits your pain. Reach out today. Check out my Resource page to help you find who you need.

One comment on “Not the Cause

  1. Being the victim, then being blamed. Yep, that sounds like the work of the enemy. (Ephesians 6:12)

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