The Love Offering

Rachael K Adams has graciously allowed me to share part of my story on her blog series, The Love Offering. It’s all about TRUST! If you’d like to be encouraged to cling to Jesus the next time the enemy attacks you, please read my words HERE and Look 👀 for: Read The Love Offering Blog. 

Not only is the devil not invited to my birthday party, he won’t even get a crumb of cake! 

Allow me to share how Jesus showed his deep love for me by pulling me out of a slimy pit of despair. He does this for you, too. Blessings!


  1. Dear Debra

    Thank you your continued encouragement to trust in Jesus alone You are an inspiration to many and I love your faithfulness and your courage in sharing your trauma to bring God glory

    Love you and missing you this summer in Taos. Not sure we will make it. Storey is taking a physics course and we also bought a rent house in college station so our summer is pretty booked. We’re hoping a possible fall trip there.

    Hope you are well! Praying for you my friend


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