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This is me. After a grocery run, pincurls and chubby-cheeked, opening a package and eating off all the ends of the hotdogs before my mom noticed.

When you look back over old photographs of yourself, do you ever wonder, “What was God thinking? Did He really know the plans He had for me? What is it about this goofy little toddler He chose—to belong to Him? Does He have a purpose for her?”

It’s really humbling—and amazing—to be cared for and loved so deeply, far beyond our human understanding.

He had his eye on me before he even knit me together. Yes. It’s true. And He saw you and knew you, too—even before you were formed.

Omniscient, He knew there would be heartache and betrayal, pain and sorrow, dark clouds of dread, doom, and gloom.

So why didn’t He prevent it from happening? Why didn’t He stop the pain? We may not know or ever understand the answers to our questions.

What I have learned is that even in the midst of all that mess, He never left me. He never will. And he’ll never leave you, either. 💗

2 comments on “He’ll Never Leave You

  1. Robyn Mulder says:

    So, do you still eat the ends off the hotdogs now, Debra? 🙂 Thanks for the reminder that God has great plans for us, even if that includes hard stuff. ~Robyn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Too funny, Robyn! I can’t believe I did that. Must have been starving to eat them raw!


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