He Knows You Best

“O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.”

This declaration, which begins Psalm 139, gives us permission to speak our mind freely with God. We have confidence that he can sort out what was meant or felt—and we can pray with the same boldness and confidence that God can be trusted with our hearts.

He knows us! This knowledge is too wonderful, too lofty to attain. (vs. 6)

It is inconceivable how the God who knit us together, creating our inmost being, fearfully and wonderfully made, can know and love us—flaws and all. And yet, He does.

Pause today and consider: The Creator of the universe also created you—to have a relationship with Him. Isn’t He worthy to spend time with? To give Him a portion of our day?

The breath you just inhaled? God-given.

The idea you just thought? God knows.

The words you muttered under your breath? God heard them.

Our omniscient God knows our anxieties, fears, offensive ways—and STILL—He loves us!

If you’re in the middle of tackling your to-do list, STOP. It can wait. God knows what your long, arduous list looks like. He knows every battle you face.

Go to Him now. Seek and find Him in scripture. Acknowledge Him. Confess sin. Thank Him. Then ask Him to help—and boldly present your requests before Him. Start by reading Psalm 139 and notice how your day changes when you spend time with the One who knows you best.


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