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Recycling ♻️ is beneficial. It shows good stewardship to care for God’s creation. 

But there’s one area where recycling is NOT good: Lies from the enemy! 👹

Does negative self talk keep circling, a never-ending loop? You can’t put out the mind trash, allowing it to linger, recycling, recycling, recycling… 😵

“I’m not pretty enough. I’m too fat. I was so stupid to not have seen what was happening. I can’t do anything right. I must have done something to cause this. I’m a bad mom. I’m a horrible wife.”

How long do you plan to continue recycling LIES that sneaky snake satan 🐍 has been telling you? YES. THEY ARE LIES!!

He tries to detour you from the path of truth God has for you! It’s time to STOP.  🛑 Strong Woman of God, Daughter of the King of kings, persevere in truth! ✝️

Perseverance: Ability to withstand stress in order to accomplish God’s BEST!

We can do this. Speak truth and affirmation over yourself today. You are clothed in strength and dignity! 💗🐝

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