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Photo courtesy of Nelly Antoniadou, unsplash

I was prepared to go on a hike, but after hearing the sudden rapture of voices, I checked it out instead. Rounding the corner, a family volleyball game was in progress.

They saw me walking by. “We’re short a player! Want to join in?” I hesitated at first, knowing my volleyball skills were lacking, plus they were strangers. I could easily, politely refuse without much fuss, but something in me desired the camaraderie.

On one side of the net, the kids looked like they belonged on the high school volleyball team. The other team, in need of one more member, were the parents. Need I say more? I did a U-turn and volunteered my services.

Sometimes we’re content sitting on the sidelines just watching, but when we get involved, we often receive an unexpected gift: encouragement and camaraderie.

I view wives care support groups in much the same way. Bravery may be required–vulnerability isn’t easy. We may feel a bit uncomfortable around new people. But when we choose NOT to participate, we miss a blessing.

Just like me in the volleyball game, it was a little uncomfortable at first, but everyone was welcoming and put me at ease. Even if I made a mistake or felt like I wasn’t good enough, they were forgiving and encouraging, not judging. No one concerned themselves about my past athletic experience–whether I was a novice or Olympian–they were happy I was there–just as I am.

A support group gathering may have possibly scared, sometimes nervous, often self-questioning women in need of encouragement and support. It may be the club they never wanted to join. If you are like me, these women “get you” because most likely they’ve been through or are going through something similar.

Is it time to “get in the game”? You may be surprised to find a wives care group for betrayal trauma is just the team you need to press on. Find a local or online group. Don’t miss out on a blessing and healing.

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