YAHWEH Breathing

Deep breathing helps ground us when we feel anxious or triggered. Reciting scripture verses that calm and encourage (while breathing deeply) helps calm me.  

Recently, in The Breathing Room with Elizabeth Maxon (on my weekly zoom), we viewed a Richard Rohr video on YAHWEH, the name the Hebrews used for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Yah-weh, (the sound one makes during inhaling and exhaling) and name of God, is too holy to even speak aloud—ever. It gives us the perspective and attitude of humility: God is sacred and to be approached in awe and with reverence. 

The Hebrew consonants used in the spelling, if correctly pronounced, do not require the use of one’s tongue or lips. It was an attempt to imitate and replicate breath. The only sound heard is the sound of inhalation (Yah) and an exhalation (weh).

Try it—don’t speak it—just breathe. 

Yah-weh. Yah-weh. Yah-weh. 

Every breath we take is a gift as well as a prayer, in itself. 

Next time you need some grounding? Be still and BREATHE. 

Photo courtesy of Max van den Oetelaar


  1. Hi Debra,

    I’ve always loved seeing the word “LORD” in the Bible because it’s the special name for God (Yahweh). I think I’ll always think of breathing in and out when I see it from now on. It just adds another layer to why I love it.



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