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Margin: an additional amount allowed beyond what is the minimum needed or necessary. 

Quite often, in the messy middle of betrayal trauma, we don’t take opportunity to rest, reflect, or even gather our thoughts. 

Demands of work, motherhood, and household obligations consume us – leaving little time to get the support and healing we need. This is why it’s so important to create margin wherever we can. 

In order to keep up with our normal day-to-day responsibilities, we need to have some downtime. Trauma takes a toll on our bodies, minds, emotions – you name it. 

Is there anything on your plate you can delegate to a friend? Is there an obligation you signed up for that you may need to step away from? What in your day is actually more life-draining than life-giving? Could it be it’s a season to say no to a few things? 

If you’re feeling guilty about releasing some responsibilities, there’s no need. Your health and well-being needs must come first—or you may find yourself in a breakdown from physical or mental exhaustion. 

Taking care of ourselves means putting on our own oxygen mask first. Create margin. Release guilt. It’s going to be OK.

2 comments on “Are You Creating Margin?

  1. Good example from the airlines’ protocol, Deb.
    I once heard a great way of deciding priorities: Do the things no one else can do first. For example: You can hire someone to clean your house, but no one else can be a wife to your husband or a mom to your kids. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great example for setting priorities. Thank you!


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