Heroes of Faith

Photo courtesy of Toa Heftiba, unsplash

What makes the Old Testament “heroes of the faith” our heroes? Obviously, they had a choice to make.

They could choose faith or they could choose fear. By choosing faith in God (over fear of their enemies, or what people said about them, or doubting God’s goodness) they revealed themselves to be heroic characters and set examples for ourselves.

Could they have done it alone? No. They definitely needed God’s help. But rather than listen to the naysayers, they stepped out in faith. Because of the choices they made, look how blessed they were—and we are!

Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea, Daniel, Job, Gideon, David, Mary, John the Baptist—nearly every person who comes to mind stepped out in faith.

Did they ever fear? I’m sure. As a part of human nature that helps keep us safe from harm, we all do. There have been numerous times I’ve found myself fearful, but it’s still not a place I want to be. Seeking truth in God’s word helps extinguish the fear.

If one were to examine a hero’s life, with each step of faith came greater trust in God! Those people are my heroes. Those are the ones I want to emulate. What about you?

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